The Garfunkels Porky Story

Garfunkels is a brand with a porky story that can only be understood in their own words, that has invaded and made domineering space in the quality meats market in Zimbabwe within four years.

Garfunkels is a wholly Zimbabwean enterprise producing the highest quality meat and pork products while offering genuine old-fashioned goodness and original flavours.

There is a story behind the brand Gurfunkels, one of preparing for dominion using an old-fashioned recipe of accuracy, consistency, and hard work.

“From our roots in a small Farm Butchery in Chipinge, Garfunkels has grown and expanded over the past four years into a well-known brand, highly visible in all major supermarkets in Zimbabwe.

Garfunkels has been able to achieve the highest quality at very competitive prices by taking the production of our traditional products literally from beginning to end under careful supervision.

We grow our own feed, to top international standards, ensuring that only the very best is used to feed our pigs. The herd enjoys superior European genetics ensuring that the raw material in our factory is lean and produced under world-class conditions.

We understand that to achieve optimal production, our pigs need to be reared in an environment that meets well-being standards that we are proud of. Our state-of-the-art abattoir is export rated and operated under the most stringent hygiene protocols. The abattoir situated on our farm and within 5km of our modern processing plant in Mt Hampden, Harare.

The Garfunkels processing plant was commissioned in September 2015 – a modern, efficient factory operated again under high levels of hygiene.

We are very proud to produce a range of goods that are not extended and contain no MSG. Garfunkels is well known for our delicious bacon that cooks easily, crisps perfectly and tastes the way it should.

We have searched long and hard to perfect our sausage range, whilst making them affordable. Our new flagship sausage includes a recipe we came across on the French Island of New Caledonia. It is an all meat sausage, which we believe incorporates the best of French flair with traditional old English pork Sausage.

At Garfunkels, we believe we have perfected a breakfast sausage for the consumer that likes the finer more traditional breakfast sausage. With the same diligence we have produced a Borewors that we believe is a winner and another full meat product with a great flavour whilst retaining a moist juicy consistency after cooking.

With the full range of Deli products, Frankfurters, Viennas, and packeted biltong we cover the full range of processed meat products. Garfunkels hams are the traditional well-cured and smoked hams that guarantee flavour, no matter the meal.

Garfunkels also has a joint venture with Super Pies on their Pork Pie range with the traditional gelatin in the pie, and it is without doubt the best pork pie on the Zimbabwean market.”

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