SHUMBA: The Lion King of Energy in Africa

Botswana is posed to be one of the biggest exporters of energy in South Africa, supplying not only its local households, but of fifteen other countries; Shumba Energy is at the frontier of this agenda in Botswana.

As a rising lion in the Savannah, Shumba Energy is shaping to be the Lion King of Energy in Africa, as it holds a diverse portfolio not only in exploration, but in project development, as they believe and act on “powering the future”.

Shumba Energy is a business and vision to celebrate.

Mashale Phumaphi, Managing Director of Shumba Energy, speaking recently to Mining MX said, “there is a huge market in Botswana and regionally and the economics cannot be ignored”, and Shumba can no longer be ignored as an energy giant in Botswana, and Southern Africa.

Shumba Energy is a Botswana based, locally owned coal and energy development company listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) and the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM). The company offers the advantage of being based in a country with the best credit rating in sub-Saharan Africa with a stable fiscal and political setting.

Established in 2011, the company is reaching its development objectives and now controls a significant portion of advanced energy projects in Botswana, including over 4.5 billion tonnes of coal for thermal energy and exports. As a major industry player, Shumba Energy is reaching its development objectives and the company is on a short-term mission to advance into production to create cash-flow and return to their shareholders.

The current power deficits of Botswana and its neighbours stand at Botswana 600MW, Namibia 600MW, Zambia 1,500MW, Zimbabwe 950MW, and South Africa 21,000MW, all indicating a bright future for Shumba Energy, that is poised to reduce the deficit in the near future.

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