Shop Lower SA: Buying Products from the World to South Africa

(South Africa) – Shop Lower SA is an online general store for buying affordable, internationally sourced, and local South African products. With Shop Lower SA, there is no need to go to China, to Turkey, to Dubai, or the US to shop for personal products or business supplies; you just Shop Lower in SA, and it is delivered to your doorstep.

Shop Lower SA sells various products with over ten categories that include Art, Business, Technology, Garden, Travel, Home, DIY, Vehicle Accessories, Clothes, Shoes, Kids, and more. Within these, Shop Lower SA sells all kinds of goods such as Phones and Tablets, Garden Furniture, Clothes, Recording Equipment, Tools, Car Gadgets, Pots and Pans, Car Parts, Laptops, Air Fryers, Solar Chargers, Wigs and Weaves, Wedding Dresses, Kitchen Appliances and Kitchenware, Packaging, T-Shirts and Golf Shirts, Machines, Fabric and Paints, Solar Lighting, Office Furniture, USB and External Hard Drives, Bags and Cases, and more.

To get the products from Shop Lower SA, customers simply log onto their website, go through their catalogue, select items by placing them into a shopping cart, then finish the transaction by paying for them, with choice of delivery – to collect from warehouse or delivered to premises. Once the transaction has been completed, the Shop Lower SA logistics staff will ensure the product is sourced and delivered within the time stated in the checking out.

With their current campaign, “So Low, So Good”, has many good deals, with discounts on selected items of up to 40%. is a subsidiary of Lower Clearance Specialist (Pty) Ltd.

Lower Clearance Specialist (Pty) Ltd is a Premier Stock Clearance company based in Wynberg, Sandton, Johannesburg, licensed to import and clear local and international products. Lower Clearance Specialist (Pty) Ltd operates the Lower Clearance Warehouse, and the online general store in South Africa.

Shop Lower SA sourced products from all over the world and delivers them to the doorstep of any business or home in South Africa. This is made possible because Shop Lower SA is a subsidiary of a clearing house, licensed to import and clear goods for the local market.

Shop Lower SA are a specialist supplier for personal and business consumers. Shopping with convenience, efficiency and affordability is their objective, providing an online venue for shoppers to transact online, acquiring all manner of products from across the world.

Official Site of Lower SA Online Store in South Africa is available at, and are physically located at 29-6th Street, Wynberg, Sandton, Johannesburg, at the Lower Clearance Warehouse.

Source: Shop Lower SA

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