Gauteng, Your Home Appliances need Maintenance and Repair

iKhaya Appliance Repairs (Pty) Ltd is a home and shop appliance repair company based in South Africa which provides high quality affordable services in Johannesburg and Pretoria. They repair and maintain all types of household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, fridges and other appliances.

A lot of home owners do not usually pay attention to their home appliances until something goes wrong, breaks down and something fails to function and they are no longer able to use them.


Unfortunately, home appliances problems are unavoidable. In this day and age, we all rely heavily on the appliances in our homes because they add productivity and comfort to our lives.  There can be a number of reasons your appliances may be having problems but maintenance is key to fix the issues.  The better maintained appliances, the longer they can last without the need for continuous repairs. Repairs after a significant appliance failure can be costly and many times can be prevented entirely. Appliances need to be cleaned regularly from all angles to prevent any filter or pumps from messing up. 


Appliances need services when there is a fault just like humans need check-ups when they get sick. Most of the appliances that are not well maintained tend to work harder than they need to such as stoves, fridges which burn more electricity or gas. As the appliances age, natural wear-and tear slows efficiency which costs more to utilize. Ikhaya Appliance Repairs Company is highly recommendable and reliable when it comes to tackling all appliance problems of the things that can have a significant impact on efficiency because they have the best qualified team to attend to all appliance problems.


There are various home appliances that make life simpler and comfortable such as Refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, oven and more. Hence you cannot undervalue the importance of having best quality services from us if you face any problems with any appliance. Since the electronic appliance keeps your day easy and comfortable, do not let it ruin your day. If you don’t check your appliance regularly, there may cause big problems and may lead to replacing the machine. Getting a new appliance may expense high, hence it is better to be serviced or repaired.


Maintaining appliances helps them live longer and one of the most important is routine appliance maintenance. It is done to prevent safety hazards. For example, each year, thousands of house fires are caused by malfunctioning appliances. The key is to prevent damage or injury from appliance fires by constantly doing routine maintenance and making sure that home appliances are being serviced on a regular basis. Your home is your castle and there is need to feel safe when appliances are not running smoothly.


Home appliance repairs cannot be taken by an individual because the electronic machine can have complicated connections inside. It may also lead to electric shock. The machines need to be handled by proper guidance and professional technicians. 


It is not a secret that most households depend on electrical appliances. The fact that all appliances require good maintained we need to take precautions to ensure excellent conditions and operations are maintained. The value of Ikhaya services is that it has great benefits to all its clients and making sure it eliminates sudden problems, cut-off from unexpected expenses with emergences and makes your life easier, healthier and safer.


If any appliance is not working at the peak performance, a repair is required or at least a service check. Ikhaya Appliance Repairs is the local repair company you can count on. For over the years they have proven a track record throughout Johannesburg and Pretoria with swift courteous services, rates that are fair and competitive and offer a full 6 months guarantee on all their repairs and parts. They have a dedicated, experienced team who specialize in all major brands, makes and models of home appliances. 


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