Drowning in a Sea of Sameness

(Zimbabwe) – That’s what happens to a lot of brand identities, especially when it comes to colour. I was going to do a logo face/off between the ZB Bank and NBS logos, but decided to also review a few other players in the banking industry, with a focus on colour.

It seems that green has become a really popular colour choice for financial institutions in Zimbabwe. The problem is a lack of differentiation: imagine for a second if all these banks were to take part in a banking expo. You would hardly be able to distinguish (and much less remember) which exhibition stand belonged to which company, based on colour alone.

It is a fact that colour affects people subconsciously in terms of mood and opinion, and can contribute to the success or failure of your brand identity. It was not by accident that McDonalds chose yellow and red, colours that stimulate appetite; or that IBM uses blue, which is business-like, solid and corporate.

When developing a brand identity, it is important to carry out a competitive audit to see where all your competitors sit on the colour spectrum and then come up with a strategic reason as to why you are picking one colour over another.

The reason has to be well-thought out, and not be subjective, for example “I have always really liked orange” or “Blue is what everyone is using, so let’s use that”.
So, if you are not sure that your brand identity is pulling its weight in terms of helping you stand out from your competition, call experts.

(Author) Shingirayi Sabeta is a Brand Strategist and Creative Director who helps businesses grow and be more innovative by helping them understand and connect with their customers. In short, he designs businesses. Before starting brnd consultancy in 2008, Shingirayi worked across several branding and advertising agencies in South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe, and also gained experience in corporate marketing as Regional Brand Manager at Coca-Cola Southern Africa. When not spending downtime with his wife and family, Shingirayi enjoys producing music, DJing, writing and blogging and a spot of pick-up basketball every now and then.

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