Bankability: Economic Development and the Project Facilitation Fund

The unmistakeable iTowers is a symbol of modernisation and economic development in Botswana. A host to businesses, hotels and government offices, the iTowers speak of the country’s ability to rise in all aspects of socioeconomic development with grace.

In order for such economic development to be achieved there must needs be the empowerment of the smallest business owner in capital, fair play on the world stage of enterprise, and also a boost from start-up.

To boost small enterprises before and during start-up there is need for a catalyst, an economic enabler; such is what the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI) has provided in the LEA/CEDA Project Facilitation Fund.

Imagine, if you will, as a start-up, when you produce good quality products, sell to a limited market, yet know that you can supply to more, but the actual transforming from your SMME status to large scale requires planning and strategy development whose skills you do not possess.

And, imagine that at some point you then get the chance or courage to learn about business development, create a business plan, draft business proposals for investment, then you apply, only to be told “your business is not bankable”.

Most businesses that have not received investment in Botswana, small, medium, or large scale, has been due to the fact that they were somewhat deemed “unbankable”, and these have been increasing and the pile is now significant that it affects growth of the national economy. The conversation of global economic contribution by Botswana cannot be spoke before that of the equal participation of the smallest of enterprises in Botswana.

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